Company Name:
Daktronics, Inc designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of display systems to customers in a variety of markets throughout the world. We focus our sales and marketing efforts on geographical regions, markets and products. The primary categories of markets include Live Events, Commercial, Transportation, Schools and Theatres and International. Daktronics manufacturing follows a focus factory concept paralleling these five markets.
Live Events Manufacturing builds custom displays and scoreboards for large sporting venues including: schools, colleges and universities, professional teams and facilities, sports federations, and international events and organizing committees.
Daktronics operates paint booths located in the proximity to their product responsibility. The booths are equipped with Kremlin paint and primer systems. The Kremlin guns are classified as air mix. The painters share a kitchen area where all of the paint and paint components are stored. Painters are required to perform preparation, mixing and application duties. Employees working in the paint booths are required to pass a pulmonary function test to establish a baseline to monitor employee health. This test also qualifies employees to wear respirators. Daktronics uses fresh air positive pressure hoods for respiratory protection while painting. A clothing change area has been provided to eliminate the need to take contaminated clothing home. Paint uniforms are cleaned by a local service. Paint shoes are covered by the safety shoe reimbursement policy. The Painters at Daktronics will report to their direct Production Supervisor and help achieve this stated goal.
Production employees enjoy a 4 day work week, Monday thru Thursday, with overtime being required and scheduled when work load requires. This is accomplished by working extended hours Monday - Thursdays or on Fridays when work load requires.
1. Take instruction from the paint department leadership team, report accomplishments and constraints to the paint department leaders, and communicate goals and priorities with co-workers.
2. Perform work in the order desired through communication with the paint department leaders.
3. Must identify and produce a quality product as required.
4. Organize and maintain a clean and safe work environment.
5. Wear all PPE (personal protective equipment) required and follow safety procedures.
6. Clean and maintain spray equipment as deemed necessary.
7. Continuously seek methods to improve quality, productivity and knowledge in the paint department.
8. Attend training as deemed necessary to keep safety training and skills current.
9. Learn and follow company policies and procedures.
10. Complete other duties as assigned to meet customer needs.
1. High school diploma or GED required.
2. Experience with paint application and mixing operations are preferred, but not necessary.
3. Good communication skills. Fluent in English; verbal and written.
4. Ability to learn quickly.
5. Ability to successfully participate as a member of a team.
6. Ability to work with minimum supervision.
7. Regularly and reliably work the scheduled hours. Ability to work overtime when workload requires.
8. Wear all proper protective equipment as required in work area in accordance with Daktronics Safety Policy and OSHA standards. Items may include: safety glasses, safety shoes/boots, hearing protection and electrostatic discharge wear.
9. Must be able to pass a Pulmonary Function Test annually.
10. Physical requirements include the ability to:
10.1. distinguish and identify wire and paint colors;
10.2. read fine print with or without the use of corrective lenses
10.3. work with odors (solder/paint/solvent/manufacturing odor);
10.4. lift and carry heavy (up to 50 pounds) and/or awkward items
10.5. stand or sit for the full shift and have full range of motion (including but not limited to bending and lifting) required to perform the job functions
10.6. maintain steady hand-eye coordination/must be able to pass a pulmonary function test annually
10.7. reach in all directions and in potentially awkward positions
11. Background check will be conducted.
12. We do not sponsor immigration visas for this position.
13. Fluent in English, written and verbal.
Requisition Number: 14-0340
Title: Painter
Position Type: Full Time
Shift: Night Shift
City: Brookings
State: SD

Don't Be Fooled

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